I began my research career at the University of Louisville studying host-pathogen interactions of the anther smut fungus Microbotryum violaceum in the lab of Dr. Michael Perlin while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Now I’m pursuing a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Genomics in the lab of Jacqueline Payton at Washington University in St. Louis. A self-proclaimed “damp” lab, we study epigenomic and transcriptional deregulation in T and B cell lymphomas through integrated discovery-based ‘omics followed by experimental validation and further functional studies in in vitro systems. This environment has allowed me to acquire skills from bench to command line - I can generate the data, analyze it, and perform the functional assays to biologically validate the findings.

Outside the lab, I enjoy taking on open-source side projects to learn new programming languages, frameworks, and analysis techniques. I try to learn in the context of creating something useful, which led me to create Genotify and contribute to open-source projects like biopython and SingleR. Check out my projects page or github for a comprehensive listing of my current and past projects. I also enjoy college basketball and have written a number of analytical articles 1,2,3 about the Louisville Cardinals Men’s basketball team on CardChronicle, the preeminent Louisville Cardinals sports site.