Below are links to projects I created and maintain or contributed to, professional or otherwise. Some may be under active development or only partially complete.

Projects to which I’ve contributed:

  • SingleR - A Bioconductor R package that attempts to do away with manual assignment of cell type in single cell RNA-seq data, SingleR uses sorted bulk RNA-seq reference sets to infer cell type on both an individual cell and cluster basis.

  • biopython - A vast suite of Python tools for computational biology and bioinformatics.

  • dittoSeq - An R package for color-blind friendly visualization of single-cell and bulk RNA-seq data. Dramatically improves typical scRNA-seq visualizations and has some new ones of its own.

  • ncaahoopR - An R package for working with NCAA basketball play by play data. Scrapes ESPN play by play data, box scores, and shot location data, providing a number of visualizations as well.

Projects I maintain or created:


A one-stop shop for quick, comprehensive gene annotations.


A python webscraper for NCAA basketball analytics-guru Ken Pomeroy’s site.