pytfmpval is a python wrapper around TFMP-value, a C++ program that calculates p-values and corresponding score thresholds for transcription factor position weight matrices and position specific scoring matrices. The original program was written by Hélène Touzet & Jean-Stéphane Varré, and while very useful, it is not amenable for high-throughput work or integration with other motif analysis packages. I wrote the python wrapper as a means to determine if non-coding sequence variants in regulatory elements might be breaking or creating transcription factor motifs that impact gene expression. Ultimately, the project I wrote it for was dropped, but it was a good opportunity to learn how to wrap C functions in python.


H. Touzet and J.S. Varré. Efficient and accurate P-value computation for Position Weight Matrices. Algorithms for Molecular Biology 2007, 2:15